Megan and Jeffrey

The Big Day is

Love Story

While Meg, a California girl, was living on Long Island she met Jeff, a Jersey boy who was living in Manhattan. These two grew their relationship out of a love for animals, food, breweries, music, and adventure. Once Nora-the-Peanut fell in love with Jeff there was no going back for the two of them. Meg and Jeff have made a home in Asbury Park. When Mr. Mulligan was added to the family the snuggles increased ten-fold.

From Veg Fests to Music festivals, hikes that ended in lost car keys to brewery tours, home-demo and renovations to gardening and cooking, they have grown individually and as a couple.

They are so excited to say "I do".


The meaning behind the Marigolds and the Hummingbird is found in The Legend of the Cempasuchil which recounts the love story of two young Aztecs, Xóchitl and Huitzilin, a romance from which the cempasuchil flower, the Day of the Dead flower, was born.

This wonderful love story began when the two young Aztecs were still little. They used to spend all their spare time playing and enjoying discovering their town together. Although Xochitl was a delicate girl, her family let her join in the adventures of her neighbor Huitzilin. With time, it was only natural that their love would flourish. They particularly enjoyed hiking to the top of a near mountain where they would offer flowers to the Sun god Tonatiuh. The god seemed to appreciate their offering and would smile from the sky with his warm rays. On a particularly beautiful day at the top of the mountain, they swore that their love would last forever. When war broke out the lovers were separated as Huitzilin headed to fight and protect their homeland. Soon the dreaded news of Huitzilin‘s death reached Xóchitl. She felt her world falling to pieces, her heart completely torn. She decided to walk one last time to the top of the mountain and implore the sun god Tonatiuh, to somehow join her with her love Huitzilin. The sun moved by her prayers, threw a ray that gently touched the young girl’s cheek. Instantly she turned into a beautiful flower of fiery colors as intense as the sun’s rays. Suddenly a hummingbird lovingly touched the center of the flower with its beak. It was Huitzilin reborn as a handsome hummingbird. The flower gently opened its petals, filling the air with a mysterious and lovely scent.

As legend has is the lovers would be together as long as cempasuchil flowers and hummingbirds exist on earth.